Welcome to Strategic Finance

Who are we?

Strategic Finance specializes in providing expert research, consultation, analysis and testimony in financial economics and related fields. Our areas of expertise and experience include financial economics, statistical and econometric analysis of markets, litigation economics, strategic planning, business valuation, and agricultural and environmental economics.

What do we do?

Strategic Finance experts work collaboratively with corporate officials, attorneys and other advisors to determine effective and efficient strategies for understanding, explaining and solving intricate economic and financial problems. We strive to create a working partnership that is fully focused on developing creative and pragmatic solutions. To this end, we take special pride in offering all clients the undivided attention of the experts who are working on their case.

Our clients draw value from the insights and experience of our experts. Our principals and affiliates are highly distinguished scholars who are capable of authoring, explaining and defending commissioned studies and analysis. In addition to in-house experts, Strategic Finance brings to bear the knowledge and capabilities of a formal network of top academics and industry professionals from throughout the United States. Our network of academic and professional personnel are committed to the practical application of the latest research to problems in business and law.

What we've done

Current and past Strategic Finance clients include government agencies, major corporations and prominent law firms. Members of the firm have testified before numerous federal and state courts. Recently, our experts developed the damage models for a case that resulted in a $175 million damage award, the largest compensatory damage award in California history.